The Winter Wonderland

Last weekend the skies finally opened up and we got some natural snow falling from above. Two storms rolled in and provided a much needed boost for the season. Mammoth Mountain is claiming four feet of new snow which I’d say is about right. It is enough to have all lifts open and most terrain somewhat covered. I say somewhat because there are still rock and tree hazards that you would expect to see earlier in the season.  Having said this the skiing has been fantastic! It is awesome to get off the groomers for the first time this season. I wasn’t lucky enough to get out right after the top opened but Marc Gallin, an instructor at Canyon Lodge, kindly supplied some photos.


Top of 23 (photo Marc Gallin)

Chair 23 opened for the first time and from reports there was good skiing to be had down Dropout and Wipeout. Unfortunately an easterly wind was blowing the new snow over to Fresno. The run in the photo above is called Skyline; one of the least pleasant ski runs in Mammoth.


Looking up Drop Out to Chair 23 (photo Marc Gallin)

Last year snow buried the roof of Chair 23, not so much this year! This picture gives a pretty good view of Drop Out, a nice steep pitch and a double black diamond.


Snow Fence at Mammoth (photo Marc Gallin)

It wouldn’t be Mammoth without a little wind. Usually it blows from the west producing some legendary wind blown powder snow know as ‘the buff’. Like on this day, when it blows from the east, it tends to strip the snow though.


Minarets (photo Marc Gallin)

What a difference a week and a bit of snow can make. Last week the same view would have been more like a summer scene with very little snow. This week it is unmistakeably winter!

Temperatures have been on the increase since the storms and the word in town is for another dry spell at least in the short term. However, the skiing right now is the best it has been all season so get up here and make the most of it.

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