Surface Skis Review

I was lucky today and got to try out a couple pairs of Surface skis. I was about to head out on my slalom skis when Timmy the local Surface rep and all round good bloke offered me some demos. Conditions ranged from heavy fresh powder to chopped up powder to great wind blown snow so I was more than happy to have a fat ski for the morning.

One Life, 179cm, 140 / 112 / 132 three stage rockers

I must admit I didn’t like these skis that much but they did get easier to ski each run. It’s the first time I’ve skied on a rocker ski where the tip and tail are bent up dramatically. They felt a little twitchy especially when not in the deep snow. It took me a couple of runs to get use to balancing on them but found them more responsive when I skied more aggressively. The wide tip and front rocker really make these skis float on the powder though and in the very deep stuff I think they would come into their own. Overall I give them a pass for powder skiing.

Live Life, 181 cm, 146 / 110 / 130

One word sums up these skis and that word is FUN! I tried these after the One Life and immediately had a big smile on my face. They handled great and turned super easy. They even carved on the soft groomed snow. I think this would be a pretty good all round mountain ski to have in your quiver. I was so impressed that I might see if Santa can bring me a pair for Xmas.

If you are interested in trying any Surface skis out let me know. Timmy has offered anyone going through my website a 20% discount on a demo ski of your choice for the day which is a great deal. For more information on the skis visit Surface Skis.

2 Responses to “Surface Skis Review”

  1. Can you tell me who Timmy is. The link you have doesnt go anywhere.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m heading to Japan for some back country powder skiing and looking at some Surface Lab 2013 skis 181cm long and 131mm under waist.

    Do you know if these are any good for big powder skiing?