Smith Phenom Goggle Review

Personally I prefer wearing sunglasses when skiing but I’m probably in the minority. I do wear googles however when it is snowing or flat light.

Currently I’m onto my second pair of Smith Goggles, in particular the Phenom with Sensor Mirror Lens.

Smith Phenom with Sensor Mirror Lens

Flat Light Conditions:

I haven’t used a better goggle in flat light conditions, ever. The Sensor Mirror Lens works a treat.
Bright Conditions:

Not the best goggle in sunny conditions although I usually have my sunglasses on then.


Durability could be a little better. The foam on my first pair froze to my helmet and then started to tear and come away from the frame. Having said this how long they last comes down to how well you treat them. I’m using them a lot too so they do take a hammering.


A neat feature of the goggle is the clip at the back making it easy to take on and off over a hat or helmet, just make sure you do the clip up properly if you are adjusting them on a chair lift! The goggles also have an adjustable vent allowing airflow and helping to avoid the goggles from fogging up. Adjusting the tightness of the strap is pretty easy too although not with bulky gloves on.


This goggle hasn’t changed too much since I’ve been using it. You can often find older season models online for very reasonable prices (about $100), the only difference really being in the color. If you want the latest fashion then expect to pay more.

I would recommend this goggle to anyone looking for a flat light or storm day goggle, with the Sensor Mirror Lens it is not going to be the one stop shop for all conditions though. For more versatility you could purchase the more expensive I/O version from Smith which has interchangeable lenses.

My advice when purchasing new goggles is to decide when are you going to be using the goggles, flat light, sun or everything? Then try on as many goggles as you can to find the one that fits your face the best (leaving no gaps for air to get through), don’t forget to bring your helmet with you as you will want the goggles to fit that as well. Then you should be able to pick a lens that is going to work best for you, most product lines come in a variety of lenses with some even having interchangeable lenses. Happy goggle hunting.

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