New Snow at Mammoth for Thanksgiving

It has been a difficult few days for weather forecasters at Mammoth. First we had snow predicted with a storm that hit on Friday, all we got was 100 mile an hour winds, any snow that may have fell got blown into Nevada and beyond. That was meant to be it but a sneaky second storm rolled in on Sunday with barely a days notice from the weather guys. This storm delivered a much needed 12 inches of snow to the mountain and has set things up nicely for Thanksgiving week.

The Mountain has plans to open chair 2 this week which will be great. They have also stated they would open 10 and 4 provided there was enough snow, fingers crossed on that one.

Here’s some photos from this morning

Top of Mammoth through the trees

Sunrise to a Winter wonderland

The Sherwins


Today should be one out of the box, with bluebird skies, no wind and new snow! Have a good day out there if you are lucky enough to be on the hill, and happy Thanksgiving!

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