My top 10 ski runs

Here are my top 10 ski runs in no particular order.

1. Pony Trail, Whistler, (Green) Ok, it’s a green but I honestly thought it was a blue when I first skied it! Under the red chair this is a great fall line pitch. Great for going fast and getting a carve on.

2. Big Mama, Porter Heights NZ (Black) This is a great thigh burner of a run with 2000 vertical feet of goodness, shame it’s a three t-bar ride back to the top.

3. Towers, Mount Hutt NZ (Black) Mount Hutt rocks and towers is always good (well just about always!)

4. Round Robin, Mammoth (Green) I know another green run but when I need to get back to Canyon Lodge this run is fun and uncrowded, great for teaching on too.

5. Rock Garden, Whakapapa, (Blue) This is where it all began for me for skiing; I can remember an awesome run with natural jumps. Sometimes we were lucky enough to be snowed in and this was only open to people staying on the mountain, lots of fun. Honourable mention to Tennant’s Valley.

6. Quicksilver Trees, Mammoth (Blue) Some awesome tree skiing in here that I just love to take people to. Easy enough for most people but just a blast, so peaceful.

7. Spankies Ladder/Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler (Double Black/Blue) Spankies is a whole bunch of runs, some of which are scary, but in a good way. On the glacier it’s magic and you feel in a different world from the rest of the mountain.

8. Alan’s Basin, Broken River NZ, (Black) New Zealand club fields are an awesome experience, sometimes the closest thing you will get to heliskiing without the helicopter. If the snow is on you can ski powder all the way to the car park at the end of the day.

9. Exhibition Bowl, Mount Hutt NZ (Blue) A natural halfpipe in a gully, often gets great wind blown snow (it is Mount Hutt after all) Just don’t crash under the quad chair with everyone watching. Honourable mention, lower dry creek, Mammoth, (blue).

10. Bill’s Basin, Temple Basin NZ (Black) I use to volunteer as a ski patroller at Temple back in the day. This place gets a lot of snow from frequent Nor’West storms.

There are countless other runs that just missed out on selection,  feel free to post your favourite runs on my site.

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  1. Katy and I loved Claimjumper at Breckinridge!