So many reasons to ski in spring!

Whilst a lot of people might now be thinking about the beach, bear in mind spring time at Mammoth is great. There are a lot of advantages to skiing in spring; here’s a few to think about:

It’s generally warm! For those that dislike the cold, skiing in spring is a toasty experience.

Work on your tan! In the last few days I’ve seen people skiing in kilts, shorts and bikinis… just be careful not to fall over.

Spring corn. Once the snow softens up you get amazing spring corn, or in other words, epic soft smooth snow. I rate good spring corn up there with powder skiing.

Generally it’s pretty quiet on the slopes.

Enjoy a beer or cold refreshment in the sun.

Cheap lift tickets. The mountain charges $69 a day from now until the end of the season, not a bad price when you can ski from top to bottom, and there’s still a huge amount of snow around.

Cheap private lessons. There is now a flat rate of $90/hour for private lessons. Considering in peak season it costs $150/hour it’s an awesome deal. Don’t forget too that you can have up the 5 people per instructor for even better value.

I guess that’s enough reasons to visit Mammoth in the next month or two but there’s much more to do than just skiing in spring. For one, the natural hot pools near by are not to be missed. Also, with the mountain scheduled to open until July 4th you’ll be able to play golf and ski on the same day soon enough.

One Response to “So many reasons to ski in spring!”

  1. update: rockford is still flat..and is currently being rained on. i would give anything to have a cold bloody mary in the sun at mammoth!