Mammoth Mountain conditions 11 Dec

‘Spring-like’ sums up conditions at the moment. We had quite a bit of rain at Mammoth on Thursday which put bit of a damper on things. The snow in the morning is quite firm but softens during the day particularly on sunny aspects. The Eagle side of the mountain will generally be the first area so soften up so head there first. Expect runs that are in the shade to be icey so be careful. I didn’t get to ski the top today but heard there are still pockets of good snow to be found up there.

Having said all that the skiing is still fun and the coverage is excellent for this time of year. There is a little bit of snow in the forecast this week and it wouldn’t take much to spruce things up. On the other positive side crowds are still minimal and will be for another week or so. So grab your skis or snowboard and hit the slopes.

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