Mammoth Mountain conditions 1 Feb

On Sunday we were lucky to get a great top up of snow which has rejuvenated the skiing at Mammoth. Before then it had been over three weeks of warm temperatures and sun that meant skiing off the groomed runs was a challenge and not so rewarding. This has all changed now though. From Sunday’s storm the Mountain is reporting 12-16 inches which I’d say was about right. It hasn’t quite covered all the icy areas but does mean the off piste skiing is fun again. The snow has also freshened up the groomed runs too but they held out pretty well during the dry spell anyhow. Today there was bit of a easterly wind that looked to be stripping the top rather than loading it with snow so caution will still be required at the top of summit runs. Temperatures are meant to stay cool until about Friday so the all mountain skiing should have winter conditions. There is lots of sun in the forecast for the next week so shaping up to be an awesome weekend ahead.

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