Picking the weather at Mount Hutt

The New Zealand weather is pretty hard to pick sometimes. Being an island sticking out between the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea can make funny things happen.

So here’s an outlook for the next few days:

After a pretty good week weather-wise at Mount Hutt it looks like snow is on the way. Two out of the three forecasts I’ve checked are predicting some snow so fingers crossed. There hasn’t been a huge amount of powder days this year but the skiing has still been really good, especially first thing on the groomers. But the snow should come this week meaning there will be some awesome skiing to be had with the current great coverage. Perhaps snowing the most on Sunday and Monday, Wednesday looks like the pick for that epic powder day under clear blue skies.

Here are the sites I normally go to to see what is up with the weather at Mount Hutt:


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