Chair 5, The High 5 Express

The other evening I went for a walk to check out the new Chair 5 express quad aptly named the High 5 Express. It was pretty cool walking around the ski area without any snow on it. On the way I passed one of the mountains half pipes located just off Chair 4, like the one at Main Lodge the resort has done some earth works to shape the dirt into a pipe.

Standing beside the newly shaped earth half pipe

Buddy enjoying his walk

It looks like Chair 5 is all good to go. When I was there a earth mover was leveling some of the ground at the bottom. The lift will now be easily accessible from the bottom of Coyote and Upper Dry Creek which is great.

Bottom of Chair 5

They have also realigned the lift. It is now further over to the lookers right of Sanctuary.
I couldn’t really see the top very well so I’m not sure if the location for that has changed too much. I can’t wait to use the lift for the first time!

Yellow path roughly shows the new Chair 5 line

Buddy and me sitting on Chair 20

3 Responses to “Chair 5, The High 5 Express”

  1. Enjoyed your updates and descriptions, Andrew. I can appreciate the slope of the mountain better with trees in the background, rather than just snow, so these pics are very interesting. And Buddy is very handsome! Thank you for including him!

  2. Thanks Mary Kay, buddy had fun!

  3. Look forward to the runs in Feb!! Buddy is apparently a good inspector!!