Mammoth the windy Mountain

Mammoth is known for its wind. Sometimes this produces awesome wind blown snow affectionately known by locals as “the buff”. The buff is basically fine snow with a buttery texture that gets naturally filled in by the wind making for amazing skiing, often with fresh tracks every run. However sometimes the wind will scour a […]

So how cold is it?

Coming from New Zealand where we use Celsius to measure temperature it has taken me a long time to get use to thinking in Fahrenheit, (let alone feet, pounds and quarts!) The Fahrenheit scale was invented back in 1796 and was superseded by the Celsius scale by most countries except the United States, Cayman Islands […]

New Snow at Mammoth for Thanksgiving

It has been a difficult few days for weather forecasters at Mammoth. First we had snow predicted with a storm that hit on Friday, all we got was 100 mile an hour winds, any snow that may have fell got blown into Nevada and beyond. That was meant to be it but a sneaky second […]

Smith Phenom Goggle Review

Personally I prefer wearing sunglasses when skiing but I’m probably in the minority. I do wear googles however when it is snowing or flat light. Currently I’m onto my second pair of Smith Goggles, in particular the Phenom with Sensor Mirror Lens. Flat Light Conditions: I haven’t used a better goggle in flat light conditions, […]

Mammoth early season conditions – Tip of the day!

If you would like a ‘Tip of the Day’ at the moment it would be to be careful and not venture off the groomed runs. It is always easy to get excited at the start of the season and venture into places that are not so flash to ski. You’re eying up a little powder […]

Mammoth Opening Day 2011

Mammoth’s opening day was a success all round, good snow, good weather and good company. Woolly was there as usual to make sure the day ran smoothly. He even spared the time to pose for a photo for me. The skiing was pretty decent given how early it is in the season. Broadway was probably […]

Just two days to go, Mammoth photo update

There is less than two days to go until opening day and things are shaping up really well for a good first day. It snowed over the weekend and snow making has been working when conditions allow. Chairs 1,3,6,11 and the lower gondola are slated to be ready for opening day which is great news. […]

Getting into shape for winter

The air is getting colder and the first snow has fallen, so it’s the time of year when I start thinking about a few ideas to get into skiing shape for the upcoming season. There are already quite a few good sites on the internet with plenty of exercises that you can do so I […]

Yes, more snow!

This is two day’s worth. Oof-da.

Opening date set for 2011/12 season

The date is set and the clock is ticking down to opening day at Mammoth Mountain. Officially the mountain is due to open on November 10th at 8.30; dependant on snow of course. It’s pretty exciting although I’d like summer to hang around just a little bit longer. After all you could still ski here […]