A Mammoth Cerveza!

Check out this new Corona commercial, partially filmed at Mammoth Mountain! The close-up shot near the beautiful house is right above Eagle Lodge on the slope under Chair 15. The commercial then cuts to a fantastic panorama view of the Minarets, likely filmed near the top of Chair 23 – hard to tell with the ridge to […]

Earth works to the Super Pipe

Another one of the summer projects this year has been to do some earth works for the super pipe. Previously the pipe was built purely out of snow which took a huge amount of snow and groomer hours. Now with the shape made out of dirt it should take less resources and snow to get […]

RFID gates at Mammoth

Since the snow we had in early October things have warmed up considerably in Mammoth. Most of the 2 feet of snow that fell has melted off. This has allowed the Mountain to work on some projects ahead of the winter. These projects include installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) gates at Chair One and other […]

What’s new at Mammoth this year

There are a few changes and improvements coming to Mammoth this season. A new Chair 5! This is the one I am most excited about. The old Chair 5 is being replaced with a modern high speed quad cutting the ride time in half. The bottom has been realigned to link up with Coyote making […]

Woolly’s Birthday! A Winter Carnival at Canyon

Woolly celebrates his birthday next weekend at Canyon Lodge. No one I’ve asked really knows how old Woolly is, perhaps he is shy about his age. Anyhow, Mammoth Mountain is putting on a Winter Carnival at Canyon Lodge over the weekend to celebrate. Activities include, sled rides, snow mobile rides, performing artists, face painting and […]

Flights into Mammoth

Tomorrow sees an expansion of flights into Mammoth which is pretty exciting for the town and visitors alike. Horizon Air will have three daily flights, two from LA and one from San Jose.  New for this year United will be flying direct from San Fransisco to Mammoth starting tomorrow. What does all this mean for […]

Breaking News!

In a follow up to a previous post I wrote about the relationship between Kiwis and Aussies here is some breaking news; New Zealand’s national dish, the Pavlova, has been rightly confirmed as originating from New Zealand. Read this article which confirms what Kiwis have known for years, hands off Australia!

Wooding: Preparing for Winter

Over the last few weeks I’ve (with the help of my wife and friends) been putting the finishing touches to our wood stack for the winter. A $26 permit from the Forest Service allows you to collect up to 5 cords of wood, more than enough for a winter. The whole process reminded me a […]

Kiwis vs Aussies

Most people that pick from my accent that I don’t come from America will ask me where I’m from. Others will ask if I’m Kiwi or Aussie whilst a few are brave enough to guess where I’m from right off the bat. It seems people are reluctant to offend me and those that guess I’m from […]