On our evening walk, my wife, son and I happened upon a bear! This is the closest I’ve been to a black bear since moving to Mammoth. He definitely knew we were there, but just slowly ambled across the path… occasionally turning his head to stare at us as we played silly humans and took […]

Mammoth from Space

NASA just released a fantastic high-res image of Earth from space, and it happens to include a cloud-free view of our little area of California! You can clearly see the trough or depression in the mountains that creates a perfect funnel for storms (well, most years). The Long Valley Caldera is also easy to spot. […]

The Winter Wonderland

Last weekend the skies finally opened up and we got some natural snow falling from above. Two storms rolled in and provided a much needed boost for the season. Mammoth Mountain is claiming four feet of new snow which I’d say is about right. It is enough to have all lifts open and most terrain […]

What skis to buy?

Buying new skis can be a tricky business, there are so many choices out there that can make the decision confusing. Here’s a rough guide to help you out. A new pair of skis can make a big difference to your skiing especially if you have some relics from the 1970s! Before you even start […]

On the bright side

Our last snowfall of note in Mammoth was on November 20, 2011. I’ve got accustomed to waking up to a bluebird day, the only real variable being how cold or warm it is. I’ve resigned myself to the lack of natural snow. I know where the rocks are likely to be on the ski runs […]

Grand Opening of High-Five Express!

Originally built in 1964, Chair 5 has serviced some of Mammoth’s most popular terrain as a two-seater, a three-seater and now a brand new high-speed Dopplemayr quad chairlift. This express lift will cut ride time in half as it whisks 2,400 people uphill per hour and services more terrain with new top and bottom locations. […]

H2B or not H2B

In the news at Mammoth over the last little while  has been the fact that Mammoth Mountain had their H2B visa application denied by the US government. The H2B visa was a stream of visa that allowed the Mountain to employ foreign workers to fill skilled jobs like ski instructing. It was a big loss […]

Mammoth the windy Mountain

Mammoth is known for its wind. Sometimes this produces awesome wind blown snow affectionately known by locals as “the buff”. The buff is basically fine snow with a buttery texture that gets naturally filled in by the wind making for amazing skiing, often with fresh tracks every run. However sometimes the wind will scour a […]

Mammoth Skiing Goat

Posting about the Corona commercial a few days ago reminded me of another commercial filmed at Mammoth Mountain that aired last year: The Capital One Venture Card Skiing Vikings/Goat! The first chairlift shown, with the Vikings that should have gotten lessons (hehe) is Chair 20. The goat sliding down the hill is filmed at Chair […]

Chair 5, The High 5 Express

The other evening I went for a walk to check out the new Chair 5 express quad aptly named the High 5 Express. It was pretty cool walking around the ski area without any snow on it. On the way I passed one of the mountains half pipes located just off Chair 4, like the […]