Busy Snowy Presidents’, Ski Safe

The snow has arrived back at Mammoth in a big way, just in time for a busy Presidents’ Week! Since Wednesday about 6 feet of light powder has fallen from above turning the mountain back into a winter wonderland. It is shaping up to be a fantastic week with clear skies returning for those lucky enough to be here to enjoy them.

I’m pretty sure the top hasn’t opened at all over the last few days so when it does there will be some epic skiing to be had. It will also be great to spread out skiers and riders over the mountain and reduce lift queues. On that note be careful skiing around the hill, I saw a few collisions and a number of close calls today. Here’s my top ten tips to keep safe:

  1. Look around you ALL the time, but especially when crossing runs or cutting from one side to another
  2. Ski to one side of the run if possible, the middle tends to be busier
  3. Grab a trail map and try some new runs away from the main thoroughfares like Stump Alley
  4. Stop where you can be seen and off to the side of the run
  5. Overtake snowboarders on the side they are facing rather than on their blind spot
  6. Get out early, lunch early to avoid the busiest times, that way you get a seat to enjoy lunch too!
  7. Give way to people below you, hopefully those above you will look out for you but don’t assume so
  8. Go to June, there’s no one there
  9. Take a lesson to get off the beaten track and away from the crowds
  10. Don’t drink and ski

Happy Presidents’ Week and have a fun time slaying all that powder out there!

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