10 reasons to take a ski lesson

Here are 10 reasons to take a ski lesson:

    1. If you have never skied before, a lesson can make a challenging day super easy, build confidence and allow you to develop at speed that suits you. You’ll also learn about the mountain, snow, weather, skier code etc…
    2. Cut the queues. In a lesson you have priority to the lifts, not having to wait for a chair lift 20-30 minutes per run on a busy day rocks.
    3. Local knowledge. This includes both the mountain and town. Get taken to the best snow and terrain for your ability. Find out where to eat and drink in town.
    4. Update your technique. I’ve taught lots of people who are use to the long skinny skis of old, you know the ones that stick above your head when you are waiting at the gondola. Modern skis make skiing so much easier; once you know how to get the best out them that is!
    5. Bust through the dreaded skiing plateau. A lesson will help you breakthrough to the next level.
    6. Maybe you want to venture off-piste into the powder, bumps, steeps etc. Get some tips that will help you to do this and more.
    7. The better you get at skiing the more fun you can have! I hope that my lessons are fun too.
    8. Ski improvement shouldn’t finish once the lesson is over, take away skills and drills from the lesson to practice on your own.
    9. When I ask people what they want from a lesson a lot of people want to look stylish, a lesson will work on this but then again it’s up to you what you wear on the slopes.
    10. Be safe, time and time again I teach people that have had a bad experience ‘learning’ from a mate or family. Getting dragged up to the top of a black run on your second day of skiing usually ends in tears. Leave it to the professionals. I’ve spent lots of time training to be an instructor and make sure the lesson is safe and that clients build confidence at their own pace.

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